Hand-Crafted for Superior Quality

“The desk is a wow and is impressive. We are glad you suggested the live edge and wall. It just makes us feel like a team and has improved the energy in the office in a huge way”. – Dr. Scottie L, Healthsource Spa

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At Knock on Wood Custom we transform trees from across the United States into beautifully unique and hand-crafted furniture. Each tree is processed and milled on-site into wood slabs that retain their organic and natural raw edge. These live edge wood slabs are air dried in a controlled environment until they reach a level of internal water content that allows us to craft them into future heirlooms for your family. Additionally, we wholesale live edge wood slabs to the public for those who like to craft their own projects. No matter your skill level or project, we have the perfect wood slab for you. Knock on Wood Custom is a Veteran owned and operated company.