Sustainable Harvesting - Live Edge - Raw Wood

     Proper harvesting of trees for live edge wood slabs and raw wood products throughout the Oklahoma region is important to the Knock on Wood Custom Family. Working with a network of trusted Arborists throughout the state, we are able to safely collect numerous species of trees native to this area. After each tree is harvested, the usable log is taken to our processing facility in Claremore, Oklahoma. Finally, each log is placed in a log pile for milling in the future.

Arborists in Tree - Ryan                        


     Once the log has been sitting on the log pile for six months to a year the log will be ready to cut. This period of waiting is usually reserved for softer hardwood species such as; Ash, Sycamore, Hackberry, and more. This period of the log being downed and exposed to the elements allows the wood to naturally begin breaking down and produces spalting within the log and live edge wood slab. Spalting is less likely to effect woods such as Walnut due to the density of the wood, but you may see spalt lines throughout the sap wood.


Spalted Hackberry Live Edge Wood SlabSpalted Pine Live Edge Wood SlabSpalted Hackberry Live Edge Wood Slab Spalted Elm Live Edge Wood Slab 

     Spalting is a term that defines any coloration in wood that comes from fungi. These colorations create organically unique grain features. Salting is usually broken down into three categories: pigmentation, white rot, and zone lines. You can see examples of the zone lines and the pigmentations above. White rot is a type of fungi that we would prefer to not exist in the wood slabs and logs in abundance. White rot often results in a loss of strength and durability with the wood product.

     Once the log has been cut into live edge wood slabs or other raw wood products and dried all spalting activity ceases. By excessively heating and removing available water and oxygen concentrations the process can not continue. Stabilizing the unique colorations and patterns that can never be duplicated. Making each live edge wood slab organically unique.

     As Knock on Wood Custom harvests and mills logs from throughout the Oklahoma region, we continually strive for a quality end-product. If you have any questions regarding your wood product or our processing procedures please feel free to reach out to us. You can reach us at