Live Edge Parota Wood Slab

Live Edge Parota Wood Slab

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Our mission is to provide high-quality wood products to our clients. This live edge Parota wood slab started its journey in Costa Rica. We import from Costa Rica due to their eco-friendly and sustainable logging practices developed over the last 50 years. We personally visit our distributor to ensure the quality of the wood products we import. The wood slabs are air-dried for multiple months after they are cut into wood slabs. Then they are dried in a steam kiln for three months. The kiln drying process is very important. The drying process releases tension in the wood as well as destroying any potential bugs that may have lived in the tree prior to processing.

This Parota live edge wood slab is 124" long x 39" wide(average) x 3" thick. These measurements are calculated when the wood slab is in its "rough cut". That simply means that the slab still needs work to make it into a final product like a table top, desk top, countertop and much more.

Wood's price is calculated by Board Feet. This measurement relates to = 1 Foot x 1 Foot x 1 Inch Thick. With this wood slab there is 101 Board Feet. The cost of Parota can average between $18-$28 a Board Foot. This usually depends on if there has been any additional processes completed to the wood slab such as: Surfacing, Finishing, or if the seller has including Shipping.

Standard shipping is included with this purchase. This includes crating and delivery. However, utilization of a lift gate or white-glove service can cost extra. If you are interested in any of these alternative delivery options please just email us at so that we can meet your expectations.

As a full service woodworking shop we also provide the ability to create custom projects. If you see a wood slab that you would like turned into your next Dinner Table, Executive Desk, or other piece of furniture just email us at for a complete quote.

This includes: adding epoxy to any cracks or voids, surfacing the wood slab so that it is flat and smooth, machine sanding to 180-grit, crafting metal legs or a base, and adding finish.