Welcome to Our Journey


Knock on Wood Custom was created to provide high-quality wood products for the Do-It-Yourselfers, Weekend Wood Workers, Professional Craftsmen, and Wholesale Businesses. From cutting the tree down to the finished product and every step in-between, our mission is to preserve a slice of nature for our generations to come. 


Our Team:

Arborist and Tree Care Specialists down and collect reclaimed urban and woodland logs,

The Milling Team cuts each log, with careful consideration, into Live Edge and Dimensional lumber,

The Drying Team ensures that every wood piece has been Vacuum Kilned to 8-10% internal Moisture Content

Craftsmen process each wood product by hand using today's technology and 100's of years of knowledge to provide a high-quality wood product for your next project.


Individual wood slabs can be found within our ever-updating online inventory.

Bulk Orders and Information Requests please email: info@knockonwoodcustom.com